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SMC remains in pole position with enhanced air slide table

SMC has launched an air slide table that is believed to be the most precise, compact and lightweight, offering outstanding performance.

The MXQ-Z is the latest addition to SMC’s air slide table series and offers customers a future generation product that is ideal for precision work in small spaces.

The MXQ-Z has several outstanding features for customers to choose from, including four different body and stroke adjuster options that protect workpieces and machinery from damage. One body type option is the MXQ-B, which delivers high rigidity despite being the same size as the standard model, making it the most precise air slide table of its kind on the market.

This latest version of the MXQ-Z features a centralised adjuster as standard, with the additional flexibility to purchase a range of easy to order extras, including dual stroke or specific environment specifications.

A spokesperson from SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, said: “As the original inventor of slide tables, SMC has always been at the forefront of design for these products. This new MXQ-Z generation is just the latest in an established range of air slide solutions that offer our customers enhanced productivity and reduced operating costs, while helping to prepare their businesses not just for today, but for tomorrow.”

This latest MXQ-Z also maintains the common characteristics of previous designs, including a double piston rod construction that delivers highly uniform running characteristics, as well as advanced extending and retracting forces.

A reduction in height produces a low centre of gravity that in turn reduces the movement of the guide unit and eliminates the risk of bends, distortions, oscillations and vibrations.

Overall, the MXQ-Z offers incredible flexibility and can be used for many applications such as precise positioning of workpieces, low friction transport and pick and place.