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For tomorrow's production: Solutions for smart, minimised assembly processes

SMC at EMO Hanover 2019

The future is smart - all of the visitors to EMO 2019 in Hanover agree on this. Experts from the sector will meet at the world's leading trade fair for metalworking from 16 to 21 September. As a leading manufacturer, partner and solution provider for pneumatic and electrical automation technology, SMC will present its extensive product portfolio in Hall 8, at stand D36, where it will demonstrate the innovative applications of the future. Minimising assembly time, intelligent communication and maximum flexibility are the focus. In addition to its brand new two-speed valves, the world's first, SMC will be showing off its ISE70/71 series digital precision pressure switches and compact EX260 field bus systems.

More safety thanks to a world first: the pneumatic two-speed valve

Safety is also a priority in industry 4.0. SMC has therefore designed a completely new type of two-speed valve with which all common machine operating modes can be safely implemented, from set-up to maintenance. The VZM5-300-CEW20057 series valve combines the operational and safe reduced mode into one component. In addition, the new two-speed valve reliably detects the valve position and transmits it via a fail-safe signal to the higher-level safety PLC - for even greater reliability in man-machine cooperation.

Smart compressed air control - with IO link precision pressure switches

The acquisition of process data is playing an increasingly important role in intelligent metalworking. For this reason, SMC has now for the first time equipped its ISE70/71 series digital precision pressure switches with IO-Link technology. The intelligent sensors report current pressure values of up to 1.6 MPa, the status of the switching output and important diagnostic information and error warnings to the PLC. The two-line display of the precision pressure switches can be rotated by up to 336° and display setpoint (limit value), hysteresis value, maximum or minimum value and delay time, depending on the user's requirements. With its persistent memory, the ISE70/71 series also reliably backs up its collected data even if the power supply is interrupted.

Intelligent communication: Compact fieldbus systems with IO-Link

All information converges in one system via the fieldbus. This is now easier and saves more space with the EX260 series fieldbus systems. The proven entry-level models are now also available with IO-Link technology, allowing them to communicate bidirectionally. This enables them to forward any number of parameters of the connected valves to the higher-level control level. Thanks to their slim design with a width of only 28 millimetres per unit, the EX260 series systems can be easily installed even in tight spaces. In addition, different valve sizes are possible on one sub-base. In addition to IO-Link, the protocols Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Ether/NetTM-IP and Powerlink, as well as Modbus and CanOpen, are also available to users.

Trade visitors will find SMC at the Hanover Fair in Hall 8 at stand D36.