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Air Purification Equipment
The importance of dry air in machines and systems:
Excellent operational performance with high quality productivity and increased machine reliability are probably the three most requested attributes that modern machinery and systems using pneumatic components must meet today. However, water contained in compressed air systems (CAS) is the leading enemy in achieving this goal.

When water forms in a CAS, not only does it reduce the overall working life of the machine, it also affects the reliability of its pneumatic equipment. By installing a good quality air dryer in your CAS it effectively removes the build-up of water bringing improved performance and productivity.

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High performance, reliable and trouble free compressed air treatment from SMC
• State of the art design ensures a constant 3°C pressure dew point.
• High efficiency heat exchanger.
• Environmentally ozone friendly R134a and R407C refrigerant.
• Conforms to stringent ISO8573-1 standards (-,4,-).
• Simple control system, incorporating an easy to read evaporator gauge.
• Stainless steel heat exchanger providing long life and low pressure drops.
• Compact design for ease of installation.
• ø10 mm One-touch condensate drain port.

Customer benefits
• Operational reliability by using high quality components (SUS heat exchanger)
• Improved efficiency thanks to a reduced pressure drop
• Compact dimensions contribute to a reduction of your overall machine size
• The technical and service support from a worldwide leader like SMC

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