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Series CQ2: Compact Cylinders

Reduce the size and improve your machine´s performance with the world´s most flexible compact cylinder range from SMC – Series CQ2

Flexibility is not a word that's often used to describe a pneumatic actuator, but with over 40 standard options, 6 mounting types and excellent auto switch mounting positionability, our improved series CQ2, really is the most flexible compact designed air actuator in the world!

Suitable for almost all machine applications and available in 15 bores sizes from 12 mm to 200 mm, our CQ2 range could be the perfect solution.

High flexibility- many standard series variations:

Large Bore Size
Long Stroke
Non rotating Rod
Axial Piping
Anti lateral Load
With end lock
Water resistant

Multiple made to order options to meet specific requirements

 For special environments:
   • Heat resistant cylinder (–10~150°C)
   • Cold resistant cylinder (–40~70°C)
   • With heavy duty scraper
   • Piston rod, rod end nut made of SUS
   • With coil scraper
   • Fluoro rubber for seals

 For adjusting cylinder stroke:
   • Intermediate stroke (exclusive body)
   • Adjustable stroke cylinder
   • Dual stroke cylinder / Double rod type
   • Dual stroke cylinder / Single rod type

          For special speed conditions:
   • Low speed cylinder
   • Smooth cylinder (Low friction)

 For additional mounting:
   • Change of rod end shape
   • With boss in rod side
   • With concave boss on head end
   • Special port location

 Additional variations:
   • With one-touch fittings
   • Air-hydro type
   • Clean series
   • Copper and fluorine-free series


With a great combination of accesories:


Improved autoswitch mounting posibilities:

Type A mounting bracket Type B mounting bracket Rod end nut Joint Foot Rod flange Single knuckle joint Double knuckle joint Knuckle pin Foot Head flange Double clevis

2 switches can be mounted on the same surface.

Perfect for use with our easy to set 2-colour indication solid state auto switch, Series D-M9W

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