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  SMC introduces new cost efficient round air cylinder  

SMC, the world’s leading provider of pneumatics, has rolled out a new round air cylinder that drives down assembly and maintenance costs while improving flexibility. The CM2-Z, with bores from 20 to 40 mm and strokes up to 2000 mm, features an auto switch that can have its position adjusted by simply loosening one screw. It also has a transparent bracket providing improved visibility of the LED colour indicator showing the auto switches status, demonstrating SMC’s focus on refining and improving the performance and functionality of its products to deliver competitive advantages for customers. Improved flexibility is also achieved with a choice of male and female rods. For smaller work spaces, customers have the option of using the female rod end that is up to 29 mm shorter and a boss cut type, which is up to 16 mm shorter in length. When used together, a total of 45 mm can be saved when compared to a basic type with male rod end. The CM2-Z delivers further flexibility thanks to a broad range of mounting brackets which are available as standard. However, the use of brackets can be avoided with the option of a square rod cover and higher precision is guaranteed when using a hexagonal, non-rotating rod, making the series ideal for applications such as pick and place, positioning and clamping. Greater speed precision is also achieved with the air-hydro design, which delivers accurate and constant speeds, including slow operations where required, and intermediate stops. Other variations are available in the CM2-Z range, including a clean series version that can be used inside a clean room graded Class 100, a copper and fluorine free design and a water resistant cylinder that can be used in a machine tool environment exposed to coolants or food processing and car washing equipment where water is widely used. Recognised as a global technology leader and voted for the third consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about the CM2-Z, please visit www.smc.eu.

  May 2014  

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