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  SMC takes its aluminium high vacuum angle valve to another level  

SMC, the world’s leading expert in pneumatics, has taken its aluminium high vacuum angle valve to a new height. The XLA Series has been redesigned to improve the overall durability of the product as well as reduce maintenance and operating costs. A key new design feature includes the ability to replace just the bellows with an assembly replacement part, rather than the entire bonnet sub-assembly, reducing the amount of material waste. Moreover, a design change has also improved the overall life span of the flange size 80 to 2 million cycles, even when operating at high speed and coping with large flows, reducing overall costs. For added durability, quality and operating efficiencies, the XLA’s compact and light-weight aluminium body guarantees minimal contamination from heavy metals of semiconductor wafers and offers excellent resistance against fluorine corrosion. Thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity, the body valve has a uniform baking temperature, leading to a substantial decrease in condensation of gases inside the valve. Also, minimal outgassing allows for a lower capacity pump and shortening exhaust time that is faster and more efficient to operate, supporting SMC’s focus on developing innovations to drive energy savings and competitive advantages for customers. Available in a wide range of flange sizes from Ø16 to Ø80 and two heater options, the XLA is ideally placed to support the creation of a high vacuum within a vacuum chamber during the semiconductor manufacturing process. Beyond the semiconductor industry, the XLA can also be used for processes in the food, medical and automotive industries. SMC is the world’s leading pneumatics provider and prides itself on working closely with its customers to provide solutions that improve productivity and reduce overall production costs. For further information on the XLA series please visit SMC’s New Product Section at www.smc.eu.

  March 2015  

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