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March 2017

Dear Reader,
Peace of mind is quite a broad term and to achieve it multiple factors come into play. However, no one would argue that within these we will find stability and control.

That is why we have chosen the term to go with our cooling solutions. Because the cocktail we propose to celebrate the beginning of spring is high in stability and has a strong twist of control. With this, we are confident it will bring you calmness, so your mind can worry about something else. At least in terms of cooling.

We welcome the spring and welcome you to another month of our e-Matters.
The e-matters Team


  SMC´s Thermo-chillers - Give yourself peace of mind
With SMC Thermo-chillers you will:
  • Get a smart solution that will give you proactive control. Anticipate any changes via the remote control and manage anomalies and incidents in the cooling system.
  • Improve the performance and reliability of your machine thanks to a superior temperature stability.
  • Ensure yourself worldwide support. We have sales offices in 81 countries.
  • Streamline your suppliers and profit from product order unification. Our portfolio consists of 12,000 basic models and over 700,000 variations.


HRS Series

Standard Type
Improve the performance & reliability of your machine

- From 1.1 to 13 kW cooling capacity
- Temperature stability ± 0.1/0.5/1.0 ºC
- Air/Water-cooled refrigeration
- Heating function available
- Serial communication and contact I/Os
- Display of up to 42 alarms
- Indoor/Outdoor installation

HRSE Series

Basic Type
Cool down your costs

- From 1.0 to 1.9 kW cooling capacity
- Temperature stability ± 2.0 ºC
- Air-cooled refrigeration

- Display of 12 alarms
- Indoor installation


HRSH Series

High-level Type
Triple savings at the right temperature

- From 9.5 to 28 kW cooling capacity
- Temperature stability ± 0.1 ºC
- Air/Water-cooled refrigeration
- Heating function available
- Serial communication and contact I/Os
- Display of up to 44 alarms
- Indoor/Outdoor installation

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  SMC will be close to you at interpack 2017
Düsseldorf will be home, from the 4th to the 10th of May, to interpack 2017, "the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world presents the entire supply chain".

As part of that supply chain, SMC wants to be close to the Food and Packaging industry; and we will do so from the booth D58 located in Hall 15. Here, our international team of experts will show visitors clean & HY designed solutions and our response to industry matters such as Machinery Safety, Energy Saving and Industry 4.0.


  Multifunctional SMC Technology Center gives a boost to Eindhoven high-tech region

SMC Pneumatics Netherlands has commissioned a modern multifunctional technology center in Eindhoven. The services of the SMC Technology Center focus, in particular, on the rapidly growing high-tech customer base in the south of the Netherlands.

The technology center takes care of the maintenance of SMC thermo chillers (temperature control equipment) operated by customers. In addition, there is an assembly department for customer-specific (electro)pneumatic sub-assemblies (semi-manufactured products), for which a clean room is also available, and there are facilities for customers to test products for their own applications. A training room is currently being prepared for product training sessions, as well as the workshops and courses organised by SMC Trainingen. A warehouse which holds customer-specific stock for SMC’s Dutch customers has been operating at the same location since late 2015.

The technology center is a response to the growing trend to concentrate industrial service provision close to customers, and complements the large network of sales engineers that SMC has been operating for many years to ensure intensive customer contacts.

Not a production company
The SMC Technology Center is not a production company. Bart Tuijnman, managing director of SMC Pneumatics, explains: “If, say, the building of prototypes is involved, the customer has total freedom to choose their preferred location. What we offer, specifically, is applied SMC technology, and in certain situations that specific expertise may induce customers to entrust their constructions to us.”

Brainport Industries
The Eindhoven-based business also links SMC physically to the region. As of last January, the company has become a member of the Brainport Industries regional network. Tuijnman: “The technology center makes it possible to offer thesis opportunities or internships to students in the region. Our advanced industrial technology can inspire engineers from the region when working out practical applications. On our site we test new applications with and on behalf of customers, contributing to their progress. Collaboration aimed at co-creation; that is our starting point.”

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