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C(D)RA1-Z*30-100, Rotary Actuator, Rack & Pinion, Standard

C(D)RA1-Z*30-100, Rotary Actuator, Rack & Pinion, Standard
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At SMC we are continuing to focus on optimising the performance and functionality of our products by upgrading our rack and pinion type rotary actuator. The CRA1-Z Series allows for the cushion valve to be adjusted more easily, is lighter in weight and allows greater flexibility to the auto switch mounting. The cushion valve is indented, features a retaining ring that prevents a drop out and can be adjusted by simply using a hexagon wrench. The CRA1-Z is also interchangeable with the current CRA1 model as the shaft diameter, exterior and mounting dimensions are the same. Thanks to the port, cushion valve and auto switch positioned on the same surface, the CRA1-Z Series is easy to manipulate. Also the round type auto switches can be mounted from the front onto two surfaces and positioned anywhere on the mounting groove at any time. Ideal to meet the demands of several applications, such as robotics and material handling, the CRA1-Z is available in eight different shaft type variations and four rotating angles as standard.

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