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VP517/717 Series

The modular way to set air free

Does your production process include long planned downtimes?

Does it involve several lines? Are any of those lines stopped while others are producing?

If your answer is affirmative, you’ll find a good ally in our latest solution for depressurisation.
By employing a Residual Pressure Relief Valve, you will be able to sectorise and stop idle consumption, such as air leaks during stops, therefore saving on your air consumption. With the addition of such a valve in your FRL Unit, you will also extend your pneumatic equipment service life: no pressurisation, means no stress for the components.

Specifically, with our VP517/717 Series you will:

  • Connect it to your FRL Unit – Modular connection type
  • Lower your consumption - Power consumption as low as 0.35 W
  • Make it endure - IP65 enclosure.

Does this product suit your needs?

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See for yourself how VP517/717 Series is "The modular way to set air free"

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