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SY3000/5000/7000 Series

The most versatile all-purpose valve

Are you fed up with fixed solenoid valve solutions? Overwhelmed by having to decide which will be the suitable composition to fit your machine?

No more headaches when designing your valve manifold. SMC’s 5-Port Solenoid Valve offers the flexibility you and your machine need. This all-purpose valve will cover any of your standard applications, providing them with that extra you require to give the best to your customers.

SMC’s most versatile valve will:

  • Adapt to your specific needs - Flexible piping and any electrical connection: great design flexibility
  • Improve your productivity - Metal seal extends lifetime and reduces cycle time
  • Optimise your air consumption - High flow in a compact size and possibility of mixed size mounting
  • Simplify machine use and operation - Customise your supply pressure with vacuum suction and release in a unique single unit, interface regulator and blocking disks.
    Hot swap possible thanks to SUP stop valve spacer.
    Avoid issues with the exhaust from other valves by introducing back pressure check valve.

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See for yourself how SMC’s SY is "The most versatile all-purpose valve"

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