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Series SY

The most versatile all-purpose valve

  • 5 port solenoid valve, plug-in type.
  • Availability: rubber/metal seal; metal/connector-connecting base; side/bottom/top ported manifold; parallel/serial transmission variations.

Series JSY

Space efficient. Friendly with productivity

  • Compact 5 port solenoid valve, plug-in type.
  • Availability: rubber seal; connector-connecting base; side ported manifold;parallel/serial transmission variations.

Series VQC

  • 5 port solenoid valve, cassette and tie rod base manifolds.
  • Availability: rubber seal; several parallel/serial transmission variations.

Series SV

  • 5 port solenoid valve, connector type manifold.
  • Availability: rubber/metal seal; parallel/serial transmission variations.