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SMC’s solutions for robotics

Your right arm

Robots and humans are forced to work hand in hand: industrial robots running more and more production plants, humans contributing their skills for strategic thinking, invention and detail.

With a close relationship with our customers – our inspiration – SMC products are used to find and create solutions that were not previously thought possible.

We consider, SMC can be “Your right arm” in Robotics, our international teams of Experts are ready to support you with your daily challenges and our local and European technical centres ready to develop any customised solution you might need.

Discover our key solutions for robotics below: collaborative, innovative, compact, lightweight and enduring. Easy & flexible.
Further down, do not miss how SMC solutions can specifically boost welding, painting and handling applications. Moreover, there are even more benefits at your disposal; with the end effector range we can offer for collaborative robots.

Learn more on robotics through our Experts views on the industry. Click here

Zanima li vas tehnički pristup robotici?

Preuzmite SMC-ovo stručno izvješće i pobliže otkrijte kako trenutni izazovi podižu industrijske robote na sljedeću razinu. Naučite kako svoje robote učiniti spremnima za industriju 4.0, koristeći prednosti inovativnih, kompaktnih i fleksibilnih komponenti zajedno s kolaborativnim rješenjima.

Robotika - povezane informacije

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See for yourself how SMC’s End Effectors for collaborative robots will “Grant flexibility to your handling”

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Discover our key solutions for robotics

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Do not miss how SMC solutions can specifically boost your applications

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Use robotics to take a firm grip on production flexibility

 By Marcus Mazetti, Global Account Manager, SMC Sweden

MARCH 2022
Once the preserve of high-volume operations at automotive plants, we’re today finding that robots are infiltrating all sectors of the commercial world. Even beyond traditional manufacturing, inspection and packaging operations, we see robots fulfilling tasks that extend from mining and space exploration, through to surgery and laboratory research, and even fruit picking. With such a vast repertoire of applications, the robots of today need one principal attribute: flexibility. Much of this flexibility comes courtesy of the end-of-arm tooling (gripper), which means there are many factors to bear in mind when selecting a gripper technology supplier, not least breadth of portfolio, proven customisation capabilities and high levels of customer support.

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Modular media control saves time and cost in robotic welding

  By Zdenek Velfl, Business Consultant, SMC Czech Republic

MARCH 2022
We all know that high-volume automotive applications such as welding have numerous demands, not least high productivity and reliability. Any failures or inconsistencies with the robotic solutions deployed in these processes can lead to costly production stoppages and expensive maintenance or repairs. For this reason, a growing number of robot OEMs are choosing to work with our team of expert engineers here at SMC, which can offer a highly effective and convenient modular solution for handing welding-specific media such as air, gases and water.

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Wireless robotics: where less is definitely more

 By Juanjo Jubete, Wireless Unit Product Specialist, SMC Spain

MARCH 2022
Ever yearned for a wireless communication system for your robotics? Fed up with cables and their associated breakages and disconnections? Want lower installation and maintenance costs? Well, wireless robotics is now a reality. In fact, it’s been here for some time, providing totally reliable, noise-resistant communication at a growing number of manufacturers that have adopted the completely unique Wireless Unit from SMC. To help anyone who is still hesitant about wireless communication technology, Juanjo Jubete, Wireless Unit Product Specialist, at SMC Spain, addresses a number of common concerns in this short Q&A.

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Cobots and end effectors team up for affordable flexible solutions

 By Andrea Trifone, Cobot project leader, SMC Italy

While robotics led the way for the rapid growth of automation, we see cobots as the democratisation of robotics technology. They eliminate the cost and complex programming that robots usually require while providing much greater flexibility.

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