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We care about Environment

The pressure on our planet’s limited natural resources and the challenge of climate change require prompt and concerted action from us all

Our planet matters. People matter. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better-shared future. Where we try to make a difference in people’s lives, communities and the earth.

Because our carbon footprint matters

CO2 emissions are a top priority for SMC, as a part of our sustainability strategy. The sustainable design of our products, paying special attention to devising compact and lighter products, that address the carbon footprint both in our production process and in the usage stage.

Because our carbon footprint matters

Strength lies in diversity and in respect for that diversity

The fact that we operate in 83 countries gives us the opportunity to enjoy great diversity among our people, our team members. Local communities where we operate present a rich diversity and our team members represent that.
At SMC we also observe and respect the gender equality. Encouraging, for example, activities such as the celebration of the International Women on Engineering Day in the UK.

Supporting education

The growth of individuals, both from a professional and personal perspective, is a key asset for us in order to position ourselves as a worthy partner.
We encourage and facilitate the development of our team members by holding group training seminars periodically during which lecturers from outside the Company are also invited.
The educational resources include not only knowledge and skills on products, industries and topics, but also refresher courses on SMCʼs philosophy and Code of Conduct, and courses designed to strengthen overall capabilities and motivation.

Encouraging better health

SMC encourages various optional employee activities, such as sports, cultural and artistic pursuits in order to promote our team member’s wellbeing and foster solidarity in the workplace.
Across Europe, SMC participates in marathons (yearly participation of our colleagues from SMC Italy and Switzerland in the Markus Ryffel's Marathon), half marathons, local business runs or the fun Dragon Boat Festival (Milton Keynes, UK).

Ensuring workplace safety

In order to ensure SMC team members have a safe and healthy environment whenever they are at work, SMC counts with health and safety committees. These groups fully acknowledge related laws, regulations, and internal company rules and lead activities aimed at preventing workplace accidents and outbreaks of disease.
At each business site, the health and safety committee discusses and implements health and safety measures based on collected mishap/accident reports, instruction on safety provided to employees, and worksite inspections performed by an industrial doctor and the organisation’s chief manager. Also, each committee cooperates with committees from other business sites to develop the system laterally.


We believe in implementing sustainable growth so as to preserve and improve our environment

Change only comes through continuous improvement. Our Environmental Management System is the framework that helps us achieve our environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of environmental performance.

The highlights of our environmental endeavours:
  • We conduct product assessments to be used for the design and development of environmentally friendly products.
  • As an initiative to prevent global warming, SMC achieved a 4.1% reduction of CO2 emissions per unit of production compared to the Sixth Term (FY2014-2016) average.
  • As an initiative to save resources, SMC achieved a 2.1% reduction of waste discharged per unit of production compared to the Sixth Term (FY2014-2016) average.
  • All regional groups consisting of our major production facilities participated in climate change actions organised by local governments and industry groups and community beautification activities, as well as conducting awareness-building programmes for employees.

Complete environmental objectives, results and evaluation

Our commitment to Sustainability goes through...

Sustainable factory

Achieving production efficiency while alleviating our carbon footprint


Sustainable products

Thinking of the planet from the product design phase


Relevant CSR documents

People matter. Our Planet matters. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better-shared future.