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Industry is continuously changing and moving forward. At SMC, we always move along with it.

Being aware of all market tendencies, we develop nearly 40 new products each year. Apart from the customised solution service, we offer to adapt to each of our customers. Because your satisfaction is our goal.

We are prepared for the evolution, and we want to be at your side. Boosting your competitiveness. Connecting with you.

Enjoy our latest innovations. From us to you.

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We listen, we understand

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See our most highlighted new products in motion through three of our star industries: Car, food and life science Explore and play with this interactive catalogue we have made for you.

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But, what about the rest of our innovations?

The 15 products that appear in this interactive catalogue are not the only ones. In fact, we are continuously listening to the market and making new developments. Visit our new products page and be updated on our latest launches.

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