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Engineering Tools

We know that designing a machine can be a difficult task, SMC's software will save time and prevent errors

Our range of software will help to tailor your design and calculations for your machine build.

  • Configurators - Meet requirements customising our products
  • Sizing & Selection - Select the right product dimension
  • Design - Draw pneumatic and electrical circuit diagrams
  • Set up & monitor - Sets all operations and monitors the operating status
  • Calculate - Calculate air consumption, pressure drop, moment of inertia and more.

Our most popular engineering tools

Please find the selection of e-Tools below, that we consider you might find useful


Make our products meet your requirements

Sizing & Selection tools

Be efficient. Select the right size and the correctly chosen components for your application


Your toolbox for safety solutions

Designing tools

We support you throughout the design process as well. Draw pneumatic and electrical circuit diagrams with our software

Set up & monitor

You can conduct all setting operations as well as monitor the operating status


Manual calculations are a thing of the past. Calculate, among other things, air consumption, pressure drop and moment of inertia