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SMC launches modular version of digital flow switch for large flow with integrated temperature and pressure sensors

SMC launches modular version of digital flow switch for large flow with integrated temperature and pressure sensors

One of the latest digital flow switches to join the SMC family, PF3A#H, monitors the consumption of the main line with a 100:1 ratio. It is IO-Link compatible, and it offers the possibility of being connected to air combination units in a simple way. And now, an even more complete solution can be obtained, thanks to the integrated pressure and temperature sensors.

The PF3A8#H is one of the latest additions to SMC’s flow switch family that covers a large flow measurement range and features a clear and easy to read display, which is crucial in monitoring the main line, branch or specific equipment.

Aiming for an all-in-one solution, the recently launched PF3A8#H is the key, offering an integrated pressure sensor (measuring from 0 to 1.0 MPa) and temperature sensor (measuring from 0 to 50ºC). Therefore, there is no need of installing an additional digital pressure switch, thus reducing face-to-face and depth dimensions.

Apart from that, it gives customers the possibility of installing both air combination units and flow sensors together. Everything in an easy and simple way, without the need of additional piping operations while installing or removing the sensor.

Accuracy of information sits at the heart of the PF3A8#H, with a 3-colour and 4- screen display where the accumulated and instantaneous flow, pressure and temperature can be monitored at a glance. The display can rotate in increments of 90°, allowing operators to take notes and set the flow switch while checking the measured value.

With an impressive 100:1 flow ratio, which is defined as the ratio between the full-scale range and the minimum point of measure, the PF3A8#H can detect leaks and monitor main or branch line air consumption with just one product.

Furthermore, more detailed information of an application’s performance is given, thanks to the IO-link compatibility, providing customers with instantaneous information about the main parameters of the installation.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “We are always listening to our customers and seeking ways to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs. This next generation flow switch offers our customers an all-in-one solution with greater flexibility and functionality, while being very simple to set and operate”

Through a bore type structure made of aluminium alloy, the PF3A8#H is incredibly durable as the bypass construction reduces the levels of moist air and foreign matter that encounter the flow switch, guaranteeing a longer life span.

For more information about the PF3A8#H Series, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at www.smc.eu