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Covid-19 Communication to all our customers

Dear Customers

Despite the very challenging business environment we all find ourselves in, we are pleased to say that, with some changes to our operation, we remain open for business and with an operational and effective supply chain.

Supply chain status

From the 300 people SMC employs in the UK, we currently have 180 staff now working from home. Our number of COVID-19 affected (self-quarantine or considered at risk) are - 6 people; 6 vulnerable and 0 self-isolating. 

For those that must come to the offices (principally production and warehouse staff) we have taken extraordinary steps to ensure their health and safety and therefore to ensure your continuing supply. We have organized provision of both personal and fixed sanitizers, the issue of personal protective equipment and social distancing from the moment of arrival at work to the moment they leave. Our own 24,000m2 factory in the UK remains operational and currently able to meet all current demand. Both factory production and the warehouse is now organized into strict zones and shifts to minimize the chance of cross-infection.

The UK’s finished goods, component part and raw material inventory runs to above 5 months’ supply at our current demand and is supported by our European Central Warehouse (ECW) in Antwerp with a further two months’ supply. 

Our primary factories in China, Japan and the Czech Republic remain 100% operational, with shipments to the UK and ECW still arriving as normal. Our Californian AP Tech factory was closed briefly for a few days but is now re-opening since being classified as an essential service by the US government.

Our large stockholding and flexible UK manufacturing mean we cannot currently foresee any supply difficulties, but you may keep track of the general situation on this page and we will contact you to advise of any changes specific to your orders.

Contacting SMC

One consequence of our offices working from home is the challenge of distributing your incoming telephone calls out to our operators and recognising if a customer call is being held without answer. Therefore, we ask that you help us by emailing your enquiries into the business using the following email addresses:

For Price and Delivery                           email:

Order Progress/Amendments

Invoice/Delivery Queries                       

For New Orders                                    email:

For Technical Enquiries                         emails:

If you particularly need to speak with somebody, please either contact your regular field salesperson (all of whom are home-working) or email the above requesting a call back and one will be made. All SMC field and office staff use Microsoft Teams and so are available for video or audio conferencing.

New projects

Our field sales, design engineering and technical support teams’ continuing availability mean we can still work with you on virtual platforms to look at new projects you may be undertaking. In the first instance, please contact your regular salesperson.

We promise to update these communications on a regular basis - your SMC Team