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SMC unveils new ISO locking cylinder

SMC unveils new ISO locking cylinder

SMC extends its cylinder range with the launch of its new ISO locking cylinder, CP96N-C96N that has a stronger holding force and is ideal for intermediate stops and drop prevention.

The lock can be manually controlled with a hexagon wrench, so the release state is maintained without the need for an air supply, making it incredibly user-friendly.  It also allows for easy mounting and installation, saving adjustment and maintenance time.

With an option to buy just the locking unit, customers benefit from new and different applications, such as those that require workpiece drop prevention for vertical functions or intermediate stops for workpiece clamping.

Compared to the C(P)95N, reliability has been improved with the holding force increasd by 15 per cent, ranging from 630 to 6080.

Further performance optimisation has been achieved with high stopping accuracy of ±1 mm, using a supply pressure of 0.5 MPa and achieving a piston speed of 300 mm/s.  

In addition, the air and bumper cushion have been combined within the single structure,  shortening the cycle and cushioning time, while reducing the impact noise at the stroke end.
Also, ideal for those operators where space is at a premium, the overall length of the new CP96N-C96N has been significantly reduced, ranging from 204 mm to 356.5 mm depending on bore size.  

A spokesperson from SMC said: “We are always looking at ways to enhance our products and the CP96N-C96N is a great example of where we have improved both performance and overall design.  Initial feedback has been really positive as we look to lead the way in compact and reliable solutions.”

The CP96N-C96N is highly adaptable for various applications thanks to the large range of mounting bracket options, making it ideal for general automation and manufacturing, as well as automotive and heavy vehicle production and material handling.  

For more information about the CP96N-C96N, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Nov 15, 2019