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SMC takes aim with launch of a new gun type ionizer

SMC takes aim with launch of a new gun type ionizer

SMC has designed a new lightweight, handysized ionizing gun that can neutralise static, rapidly and effectively, from a variety of products at different phases of production.

The issue of static electricity in terms of production problems and product quality have been addressed with SMC’s IZG10 gun type ionizer.

This latest solution from SMC is small in size but big on impact, neutralising static in under half a second with low residual charge, using AC type high frequency to apply the voltage. The addition of lighting LEDs also help users to find and target the dirtiest part of the piece, effectively removing both static and dust particles.

Incredibly versatile, the IZG10 has two operating modes – continuous and pulse blow – offering both continuous ionizing and an air saving option. And the addition of a flow adjustment valve with indicator, allows the ionized air flow to be adjusted on the gun and controlled numerically.  

The overall production process is further enhanced thanks to selectable operating modes, together with the flow adjustment valve, making it easy to adjust and adapt the air gun for different phases of the product journey.  

The IZG10 ionizer gun has also been designed to be user friendly and lightweight; weighing in at just 200g it can be held comfortably for lengthy periods of time.  It features an integrated high tension module and a trigger that requires little force to activate.  

A spokesperson from SMC said: “Static electricity can be a real burden to the production process and neutralising it can be a challenge, but our new IZG10 blows away any problems effectively and efficiently.  It’s innovative design has the operator in mind making it simple to handle and use accurately over a sustained period of time.”

An additional benefit of the IZG10 is how easy it is to maintain and keep in optimum condition thanks to green and red LEDs indicating the status of the gun.  Plus, the gun and nozzle design make cleaning quick and simple, together with the opportunity to replace the emitter, extending its life.   

For more information about the IZG10, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Jan 15, 2021