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C(L)KU32, Pin Clamp Cylinder, Plate Cylinder Type

Customer demands for a range of smaller pin clamp cylinders for compact machine applications have now been answered with the release of two new pin clamp options Series CKQG32 and Series CKU32. Offering a comprehensive range of guide pin diameters from 7.5mm to 20mm and suitable for use with a wide range of work materials – with hole diameters from 8mm to 20mm, these clamp cylinders are particularly suitable for small, lightweight clamping and material handling applications such as those often found in the car industry. Available in either 30mm or 100mm clamping heights, these cylinders can accommodate two magnetic filed resistant auto-switches on two surfaces of the CKU32 model and on any of the four surfaces of the CKQG32 Series.

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