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ZHP Series

Ease your vacuum generation

Do you want to simplify your vacuum system? Does your application have tiny spaces? 

The ZHP Series vacuum pad with ejector is specially designed with exactly this in mind, to ease the design of your vacuum application by integrating both elements in a compact single unit.
A vacuum handling system benefits from keeping the pipework as simple as possible, thereby reducing the loss throughout your system. As a rule, avoiding tubing runs reduces costs and energy loss due to the risk of leakage and minimises the cycle time. In addition, the built-in filter and silencer give you the relief of assuring that the system runs smoothly.

The benefits of SMC’s Vacuum Pad with Ejector for you:

  • Cut your costs - Easy design that integrates a vacuum pad with an efficient ejector in a compact single unit
  • Simplify mounting and reduce your maintenance - Simple removal and mounting; perfect to fit in confined spaces
  • Improve your work environment  - Reduced contamination and noise.

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See for yourself how SMC helps you to “Ease your vacuum generation"

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