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Valve and Ejector Combination Manifold - JSY & ZK2*A

All-in-one control for positive and vacuum pressure

  • Simplify your machine design – Complete solution to control valves and vacuum ejectors integrated into a single manifold
  • Install it easily – Single electrical connection of valves and ejectors reduces wiring and labour time
  • Communicate remotely – Control and monitor up to 32 outputs via a wide variety of serial interface communication protocols
  • Maximise performance – Independent supply and exhaust structure avoids the effects of pressure fluctuation.

In še veliko več

  • Up to 28 stations in total combined between up to 24 valve stations and 8 ejectors
  • High flow rate in a compact body: Up to 567 l/min
  • Suction flow rate up to 67 l/min
  • Vacuum pressure of -91 kPa.

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