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       European Central Warehouse (ECW)
With a corporate commitment to provide our customers with the highest levels of technical support and customer care, we have recently revised our supply chain model to help improve both the quality and efficiency of our service.

Simply by increasing stock levels at our Antwerp based ECW, we can now deliver around 80% of our European customers needs quickly and efficiently following receipt of the order.
As cash flow is often the vital difference between business success and failure we hope that by increasing our ECW stockholding and by offering a high quality, reliable, delivery service throughout Europe, our customers can consider a just-in-time model in their manufacturing process safe in the knowledge that they will be fully supported by SMC.
With daily deliveries arriving at the nearby container port from our factories in Japan, China and Singapore, plus further deliveries from our European manufacturing sites in Germany, Italy and the UK.

Our purpose built 15,000 sq metre ECW – which will be extended by a further 5,000sq metres in the coming months – now contains over 30.000 individual part numbers with a stock value of around 275 million Euros.

The ECW forms one part of our 3 level global supply chain structure.

With over 600.000 product variations, it is based on a system of rotation, urgency and specialisation and its development has been designed to help meet our customer’s needs.

Product modifications & assemblies
Specific local market/customer requirements

•      Our most requested European products plus limited stocks of new products introduced in Europe - 30.000 part numbers.

•      Japanese
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