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Air Gripper Unit for Collaborative Robots - JMHZ2-X7400B

Let your robot grip it

  • Suitable for use in collaborative robots – Air gripper unit with integrated solenoid valve and speed adjustment mechanism
  • Reduce your set up time – Plug and Play configuration for inmediate use in a collaborative robot
  • Achieve precise handling – Precision repeatability as low as ±0.01 mm

And much more

  • Compatible manufacturers: Universal Robots, Omron, Techman Robot and Mitsubishi Electric
  • Integrated solenoid valve, speed adjustment mechanism, and auto switch
  • Operate by simply connecting 1 air supply tube and an electrical wiring M8 or M12 connector
  • A split protective cover for easy air gripper maintenance
  • Compliant with ISO9409-1.

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JMHZ2-X7400B, Air Gripper Unit for Collaborative Robots

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