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SMC JSXF-P controls multiple valves with just one signal

SMC JSXF-P controls multiple valves with just one signal

SMC is introducing its innovative JSXF-P series of pulse valves for the effective and efficient dislodging of foreign matter during cleaning procedures. The new JSXF-P SMARTVENT type pulse valve offers a number of notable benefits, including a built-in control board, high peak pressure, low air consumption and long service life.

Air pulse solutions are ideal for removing particles from filters, including bag, cartridge, envelope, ceramic and sintered metal fibre types. General cleaning applications in processes such as mixing, cutting and pressing can also benefit from the ability to effectively remove particulates from surfaces. Whatever the industry, the JSXF-P pulse valve can add value with its extensive range of attributes.

Base control
With only one base for easy set-up, the flexible JSXF-P can control up to 31 remote valves. In addition, SMC’s advanced SMARTVENT reduces wiring and eliminates the need for a separate control box through the inclusion of an integrated controller on each valve. This innovation not only reduces space but also offers the control of individual valve settings (such as on/off time). 

Another major advantage of the JSXF-P involves peak pressure. Many users suffer from a lack of impact pressure when the valve opens, leading to inefficient cleaning. In contrast, the JSXF-P pulse valve offers a peak pressure up to 15% more than previous solutions, for higher impact force and far better cleaning results.

Efficiency is a major theme with the JSXF-P pulse valve, with particular reference to low air consumption and fast response time. Increased pulse efficiency means users get to enjoy reduced energy bills, contributing to low total cost of ownership (TCO). Indeed, the JSXF-P offers additional characteristics that help reduce TCO. For instance, a high-strength and high-durability elastomer diaphragm (spring-less construction) makes for a long service life of 10 million cycles and supports easier valve maintenance.

Feel the difference
A final point of note concerns filter clogging. When a filter clogs, factory air can become cloudy and unhealthy for workers, while simultaneously driving up energy consumption. However, it is possible to use the JSXF-P pulse valve in combination with a differential pressure sensor to help detect filter clogging before it becomes a costly issue. 

Any manufacturing or process plants looking to improve the simplicity, peak pressure, air consumption and service life of their pulse valves for more effective and efficient cleaning procedures should look no further than the new SMC JSXF-P. Moreover, compression fittings and immersion-type design (no need to weld tank piping) ensure fast and easy installation. Potential customers can therefore start enjoying the benefits in ultra-quick time.

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21 груд. 2023