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SMC JSY1000-E takes control of valves and ejectors in a single manifold

SMC JSY1000-E takes control of valves and ejectors in a single manifold

SMC is once again demonstrating its innovation prowess with the company’s new JSY1000-E valve manifold with fully integrated ejector system. This optimal combination provides a complete solution for positive and negative (vacuum) pressure that allows users to control valves and ejectors in a single, simple manifold. Reducing both physical dimensions and weight, the JSY1000-E also has an energy function available that decreases energy consumption substantially and improves process efficiency.

Compact and light
Many industrial machine applications endure oversized positive and negative valve/ejector combination solutions in terms of weight, size and performance specifications. This situation incurs time in the ordering, connection and installation process, while also leading to larger machines and higher prices for customers.

The new SMC JSY1000-E overcomes all of these issues by combining valves and vacuum ejectors in one compact manifold. As a fully integrated system, customers benefit from up to 64% less installation area requirements compared with a separate four-station ejector and eight-station solenoid valve manifold. Furthermore, the JSY1000-E is up to 42% lighter than previous solutions where valves and ejectors were not part of the same manifold, contributing to an overall lighter machine. Major simplification also results from this integrated concept, offering centralised air piping together with a common electrical connection for both valves and ejectors.

Up to 90% energy savings
Efficiency and reduced air consumption is a major theme with the new SMC JSY1000-E. Separate valve/ejector combinations are often oversized, leading to inefficiency. 

There are no such concerns with the JSY1000-E and its energy-saving function, which delivers cost and C02 emissions savings due to a reduction in energy waste. In fact, energy usage reductions of up to 90% are possible in comparison to an ejector without an energy-saving function. 

Fieldbus compatibility
Another important feature is the inclusion of fieldbus communication for both valves and ejectors. Controlled over EtherCAT using a dedicated and very compact serial interface unit, users can control all manifold stations (up to 24) remotely, improving both on-board diagnostics and data setting. Cost reductions also result due to less wiring and installation/setting time. 

A broad spread of industries can benefit from the high-performance SMC JSY1000-E, including general manufacturing, material handling and packaging, to list but a few. For instance, the JSY1000-E is ideal for mounting to robot arms used in pick and place applications. In fact, almost any customer looking to reduce space, wiring and costs can add value to their project by adopting the SMC JSY1000-E.

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21 груд. 2023