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The all-in-one silent energy saving solution

  • Achieve efficiency – Ejector, pump and manifold system in a single unit
  • Lower your air consumption – Energy saving digital vacuum switch and a 2-stage ejector
  • Get compactness and lightness – Ideal solution for moving tools
  • Make your work place quieter – High-noise reduction silencer.

Základné technické informácie

  • Advanced vacuum unit (ejector/pump/manifold systems) with low noise and high efficiency options.
  • Energy saving digital vacuum switch: Intermittent energizing (supply/exhaust) only when vacuum decreases.
  • More efficient 2-stage ejector: Air consumption 30 % reduced.
  • Dual 2 port valve (release valve/supply valve): Can hold vacuum even when the power goes out or is turned off. Prevents the sudden dropping of workpieces.
  • All-in-one design with integrated components to make it compact and lightweight.
  • Retrofitting of vacuum sensor and manifold rail mounting bracket allowed.

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ZK2*A, Vákuová jednotka, samostatná, s ejektorom a ovládacím ventilom