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SMC gains listing on Nikkei 225 stock market

SMC gains listing on Nikkei 225 stock market

SMC, a leading Japan-headquartered global specialist in pneumatic and other automated control solutions, is set to join the Nikkei 225 (or Nikkei Stock Average), the premier and most-often quoted index of Japanese stocks. The Nikkei 225 comprises of 225 stocks selected from Japan’s top-performing and most liquid blue-chip companies. SMC will commence its listing on 3 October 2022.

Every year towards the end of September, a ‘reshuffle’ of the Nikkei 225 takes place. This year, thanks to the company’s high liquidity, ongoing financial stability and business continuity, SMC has been invited to join the index as part of the Capital Goods/Others sector.

SMC is growing its market share year-on-year, recording annual rises in both global and European sales. Furthermore, SMC is maintaining high investment in both capital expenditure and R&D, while global headcount is also climbing.

Taking these facts into account, it is clear to see how SMC gained its Nikkei 225 listing. SMC now hopes to build on this success with further growth in revenue and operating profit.